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What do I need to make it better?

Exercises – “What do I need to make this better?”


Welcome to the next exciting chapter of your Test Automation journey! This chapter is all about the test process, understanding the needs of the users and writing your first requirements. As we delve into this topic, we’ll be focusing on , applying our learnings to this real-world platform. 
Users play a crucial role in any project, and understanding their needs is key to the success of your Test Automation efforts. Users can include anyone who has an interest in using the product. Each User has unique needs and expectations, and it’s important to identify and understand these to ensure your Test Automation approach aligns with their goals.

In this chapter, you’ll learn how to identify and understand your stakeholders by writing Personas. 
Another key aspect of this chapter is understanding the importance of Test Automation processes. A well-defined Test Automation process can streamline your testing efforts, improve efficiency, and ensure consistent, reliable results. You’ll learn about the different stages of a Test Automation process, from planning and design to execution and maintenance. 
By the end of this chapter, you’ll be able to answer the questions from the Quiz and learn from the practical experience. Happy learning! 


  • Test Automation Design Approaches 
  • When to Automate 
  • How to Decide Which Types of Test Cases to Automate 
  • Who´s involved in Automation 


When you finish this unit, you will be able to answer the following questions, explore the concepts and explain it to others: 

  • Identification and understanding Stakeholders 
  • Name the importance of TA processes 


When you finish this unit, you will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of design approaches 
  • Name at least 3 reasons why there is value for a automated testing scenario 
  • Define a goal of test automation 
  • Name pot. Stakeholders, which have influence or are influenced 


Additional Material  

Task – Personas

In this task, you’ll be creating Personas for at least two different user groups related to the areas where you believe Test Automation would be useful on . Personas are fictional characters that represent your potential users. They help you understand the users’ needs, experiences, behaviors, and goals. 

To create these Personas, you’ll be using the following criteria: 

  • Picture: User icon 
  • Personal Background: (e.g., occupation, marital status) 
  • Demographic Data: (e.g., gender, age, place of residence) 
  • Character Traits: (e.g., calm or outgoing) 
  • Goals: (e.g., to live happily) 
  • Challenges: (e.g., finding happiness, travel) 
  • Solutions: (e.g., do more yoga) 
  • Information Behavior: (e.g., digital native or radio lover) 
These template could be added with specific characteristics regarding traveling: 
1. Travel Frequency: How often does the persona travel? Frequent travelers might have different needs and expectations compared to occasional travelers. 
2. Travel Purpose: Is the travel for business, leisure, or both? The purpose of travel can greatly influence the type of accommodations and services a user might look for. 
3. Booking Preferences: Does the persona prefer to book well in advance or last minute? This can influence the availability and pricing of accommodations. 
4. Accommodation Preferences: Does the persona prefer hotels, apartments, hostels, or other types of accommodations? 
5. Amenities Importance: How important are certain amenities to the persona? For example, free WiFi, breakfast included, pet-friendly, etc. 
6. Budget: What is the persona’s typical travel budget? This can influence the type of accommodations they book and the services they use. 
7. Destination Preferences: Does the persona prefer urban destinations, beach destinations, countryside, etc.? 
8. Travel Companions: Does the persona usually travel alone, with a partner, with family, or in a group? This can influence the type of accommodations they book. 
9. Tech-savviness: How comfortable is the persona with using technology to book travel? This can influence their expectations of the booking platform. 

Persona Template 
For example, you might create a Persona for a stakeholder group that represents end-users of . This could look something like this: 
1. Picture: User icon 
2. Personal Background: Single, works as a software engineer 
3. Demographic Data: Male, 28 years old, lives in San Francisco 
4. Character Traits: Tech-savvy, detail-oriented, prefers efficiency 
5. Interests: Enjoys traveling, particularly to destinations known for their vibrant nightlife and beautiful beaches.
6. Preferred Travel Destination: Ibiza, Spain – known for its lively party scene and stunning beaches. 
7. Preferred Accommodation: Budget-friendly hotels close to areas with a lot of bars and nightclubs. 
8. Goals: To book travel accommodations quickly and easily 
9. Challenges: Finding a reliable platform that provides accurate information about the proximity of accommodations to nightlife areas, ensuring the booking platform provides a secure and efficient booking process. 
10. Solutions: Using a platform, which provides detailed information about the location and amenities of accommodations. Easy usability of filters. 
11. Information Behavior: Digital native, prefers online platforms for booking travel accommodations 

Defining the Goal of Your Test Automation Approach 

As you delve deeper into Test Automation, it’s important to define the goal of your automation approach. This involves understanding what you aim to achieve with automation testing. At example here on

For instance, your goal could be to ensure that the booking process works seamlessly for all users, or it could be to validate the functionality of the search feature. Your goal will guide your automation strategy and help you focus your efforts on the areas that matter most. 

Please define a testing goal for a specific area or functionality and consider the following question: 

  • What are the critical functionalities of that directly impact the user experience of your Persona? 

Discussion with Your Learning Coach 

Now that you’ve created personas and identified user-specific needs for , it’s time to discuss your findings with your Learning Coach. This discussion is an opportunity to gain insights, receive feedback, and refine your understanding of user needs and Test Automation. 

During this discussion, present the personas you’ve created and the requirements you’ve identified. Explain why you chose these users and how you believe meeting their requirements will enhance their experience on

  • Reflect on Your Work 

Whether you’re discussing with a Learning Coach or reflecting on your own, consider the following questions: 

1. Why did you choose these users in the last tasks? Name at least three reasons in comparison to the other possible users. 
2. Reflect on your goal with your learning coach 
3. Could you imagine more relevant stakeholders beside the users? Which roles are relevant? 
4. What requirements could have other stakeholders regarding
5. How would these information influence the priority of your testing strategy?

Reflecting on these questions will help you understand the rationale behind your choices and identify potential areas for further exploration. It’s also an opportunity to consider other user groups and stakeholders that might be relevant to

Remember, the goal of this discussion and reflection is not to have perfect personas or requirements, but to learn and grow. 

After engaging with the materials, let’s try to do some exercises in the form of a Quiz to put your knowledge into practice.

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