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Training Software Testers of Tomorrow Through Social and Educational Equity

Software Testing


Software Testing Academy aims to develop personalised training courses to equip future software tester with the right set of hands-on and up-to-date skills to respond to the market demands. To this end, the Project has the following specific objectives:

  • Creation of personalised training model for future professionals working in Software Testing.
  • Set up of a European Academy and learning tools (platform, materials, resources, etc.) to provide up-to-date training courses on Software Testing.

Innovative aspects

The Software Testing Academy Project will establish the first-of-this-kind Inclusive Academy for everyone who wish to develop their career in Software Testing area.

It opens up more individualised learning path, contributing to a learner-centred training where students are active participants in their own learning process. Our approach is based on agile learning to treat students individually, placing them as the primary element of the whole training cycle.

Thanks to its personalised methodology, the Project will offer training opportunities for target groups at different stages of their lives: students, young adults, unemployed adult, and people from disadvantage background, allowing them to manage the labour market transition. Our training model based on educational justice is a significant step toward upskilling of people at higher risk of unemployment, poverty, and social exclusion, thus contributing to building inclusive communities in Europe.

Expected impacts during the project


Creation of the European Academy that provide up-to-date training courses on software testing.


Creation of a European learning community of current and future professionals of Software Testing sector.


Improved skills and competences of current and future professionals of Software Testing sector in other EU countries as well as globally.


Increased labour opportunities in the Software Testing field for participants, especially amongst people from disadvantage backgrounds.


Greater awareness on the job opportunities within testing area for everyone.

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