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Agile learning coaching: how-to keep students motivated

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Do you want to know how we keep our learners motivated during their training? The solution is simple, thanks to our partner QualityMinds: agile learning coaching gives more motivation to learn!

It has been proven that both personalised learning processes and coaching of participants lead to higher motivation and learning success (Schuster, 2018; Bloom, 1984). However, self-organisation does not just happen; agile software development teams also have to learn it. We did not want to force our participants to fend for themselves.

The role of a Scrum Master in agile development teams was the inspiration for QualityMinds to introduce the agile learning coach.

The agile learning coach provides comprehensive and personalised support to participants on their learning journey in the following areas:

  • Defining, shaping and structuring their own learning objectives.
  • Providing appropriate learning materials in correct formats.
  • Designing exercises to activate prior knowledge and reinforce it.
  • Designing collegial and collaborative learning opportunities.
  • Selective assurance of the integration of practice.
  • Reflecting on one’s own learning process and progress.
  • Reinforcing personal learning competence and metacognition.

To achieve this, the agile learning coach asks what the participants need in order to have an “I am having fun learning” attitude, what motivates them and what helps them to learn.

The learner’s prior knowledge and needs are also reflected in this process. Learning objectives are formulated not as annual objectives (in the agile sense), but for a short, personalised sprint. In this way, it is possible to react more quickly to changing conditions, both private and professional, and, if necessary, to adjust the learning objective. Trainees receive continuous feedback and can expand their own learning capacity through routine self-reflection (both aspects are often missing in “ordinary” training).

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