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Agile learning modules

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The Software Testing Academy project aims to improve the quantity and quality of software testing training. In order to achieve this purpose, the project is currently developing a variety of agile learning modules that will respond to the needs of the Software Testers learners.

The modules are divided into three main areas of knowledge: Agile Testing, Automation, and Accessibility Testing.

For each of these three main areas, there will be three to five sub-areas or sub-modules. Those are being constructed to give the learner a step-by-step approach, from the simplest tasks and theoretical background, to the development of the learners’ first software testing project.

Following the development of these courses, the consortium will invite external stakeholders to present the work developed so far in a workshop-type activity. These workshops will be of fundamental importance for the project, as they will act as a first test of the work developed, and the consortium will take note of the feedback from the participants in order to improve the modules in later phases of the project.

As it is possible to conclude, the coming months will be very busy for the project partners, and new challenges will arise.

If you want to read more about the project, please follow the project on LinkedIn, where you will receive weekly updates on the work of the consortium.

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