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Launch of Software Testing Academy is approaching!

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In the dynamic world of software development, where technological advancements and industry demands are constantly evolving, there is a pressing need for skilled software testers. Recognizing this need, the Software Testing Academy project was conceived to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical skills in software testing. In this blog post, we are excited to share the progress of the project, highlighting the development of the online platform, and the upcoming Learning, Teaching, and Training Activity (LTTA) in Lublin.

Building the Online Platform:

One of the key objectives of the Software Testing Academy project is to provide an accessible and user-friendly online platform that caters to the diverse learning needs of aspiring software testers. We are pleased to announce that the development of the online platform is well underway and progressing as planned. The platform is carefully designed to provide a seamless learning experience, incorporating interactive modules, practical exercises, and real-world examples to enhance comprehension and engagement.

Preparing for the LTTA in Lublin:

As part of the Software Testing Academy project, a Learning, Teaching, and Training Activity (LTTA) is scheduled to take place in October in Lublin (Poland). This event will bring together project partners, and future Agile Learning coaches to share knowledge, exchange experiences, and collaborate on further enhancing the project’s outcomes.

The LTTA will consist of interactive workshops, presentations, and discussions, focusing on the Agile Learning methodology, and on the project materials.


The Software Testing Academy project is making significant strides towards revolutionizing the education and training landscape in software testing. With the development of the online platform progressing as planned, the completion of high-quality course materials, and the upcoming LTTA in Lublin, we are confident that the project will equip aspiring software testers with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in the industry.

We are excited to witness the positive impact of the Software Testing Academy project as it empowers individuals to embark on successful careers in software testing, meet the industry’s demands, and contribute to the development of robust and high-quality software applications. Stay tuned for further updates on our journey to revolutionize software testing education!

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