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Primary duties of a future Software Tester

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What does a software tester do?

Here are some major responsibilities a software tester might perform during his/her workday:

  • Reviewing software requirements and creating test scenarios
  • Detecting and analyzing software defects or issues
  • Collaborating with a team of colleagues to develop efficient testing systems
  • Reporting major findings to senior managers and executives
  • Designing and creating automated testing systems using computer code
  • Interacting with clients to understand software or product requirements
  • Providing feedback and assistance with software design or function

What are the most relevant skills that any software tester should possess?

Here are a few skills that software testers often use throughout their career:

Analytical skills

  • Analytical skills are important for software testers because it can help them examine computer programs more closely and better identify certain challenges or bugs in the software. It also can help them develop suggestions or advise for clients on how to improve their programs and make them more user friendly.


  • Software testers often use communication skills several ways throughout their career, including relaying important information to clients, discussing coding challenges with colleagues and understanding the goals or objectives of certain computer programs. Written communication can also be helpful for software testers when they generate testing reports to deliver to managers and company clients.

Organizational skills

  • Often, software testers will need to examine multiple software applications at a time and deliver reports on program issues or bugs by certain deadlines. That’s why organizational skills can be very important for software testers to help them manage their time more efficiently, prioritize their work by deadlines and break down their daily responsibilities into helpful schedules and to-do lists.

Knowledge of computer systems

  • Not only is it important for software testers to understand the key concepts of coding and programming, but it can also be important for them to have influential knowledge in computer databases, automation programs and test management tools. Having this knowledge can allow them to perform their job responsibilities more easily and help them become more noticeable to potential employers.


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