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Why You Should Attend Software Testing Conferences and Top Conferences in 2023

Why You Should Attend Software Testing Conferences

Software testing is a dynamic and evolving field that requires constant learning and improvement and if we take a look at the current situation in the technology field, this statement has never been so important than now. One of the best ways to keep up with the latest trends, tools, techniques, and good practices is to attend software testing conferences. Software testing conferences are events where you can meet and network with other professionals, learn from experts, share your experiences, and discover new opportunities.

There are a number of software testing conferences happening around the world in 2023, some of the in-person, some of them virtual, and many hybrid ones, covering various topics and domains. Whether you are a newcomer to the QA and testing world or a seasoned tester with many years of experience, there will be a conference for you. Common topics span from agile testing, automation testing, performance testing, security testing, up to application of latest technology trends, such as AI : it is almost certain you can find a conference that suits your needs and interests.

Let’s dive a little deeper in some of the benefits of attending software testing conferences:

  • **Learn from the best:** Software testing conferences feature speakers who are leaders and innovators in the field. They share their insights, knowledge, and experience on various topics and challenges related to software testing. You can learn from their success stories, failures, tips, and tricks. You can also ask questions and get feedback from them during sessions or workshops, or even better – during informal conversations between talks if you feel too shy to ask a question in public!
  • **Network with peers:** Software testing conferences are great places to meet and connect with other software testers who share your passion and challenges. You can exchange ideas, opinions, and solutions with them. You can also make new friends, find mentors, or potential collaborators. Networking can help you expand your professional circle and open up new opportunities for your career. For many attendees over the years, networking becomes more beneficial than anything and most of the conferences include events and workshops to foster it.
  • **Discover new tools and technologies:** Software testing conferences showcase the latest tools and technologies that can help you improve your testing processes and outcomes. You can see live demonstrations, try out new products, or get hands-on experience with them. You can also learn about the latest practices and trends in using these tools and technologies. Don’t forget to apply your testing approach when evaluating them, though!
  • **Get inspired and motivated:** Software testing conferences can inspire and motivate you to take your testing skills and career to the next level. You can see how others are solving problems, overcoming challenges, or creating innovations in software testing. You can also get recognition for your work or achievements by presenting your own case studies or projects. Software testing conferences can help you boost your confidence and enthusiasm for software testing.

Top Software Testing Conferences in 2023

There are many software testing conferences happening in 2023, but here are some of the top ones that you should consider attending:

  • **EuroSTAR 2023:** EuroSTAR is one of the oldest and most prestigious software testing conferences in Europe. It is a four-day event that attracts thousands of attendees from over 60 countries. It features keynotes, tutorials, workshops, track sessions, networking events, awards, and exhibitions. It covers topics such as test management, test automation, agile testing, performance testing, security testing, AI for QA, DevOps, and more. EuroSTAR 2023 will take place on November 14-17 in Stockholm .
  • **STARWEST 2023:** STARWEST is one of the longest-running software testing conferences in North America. It is a six-day event that offers training courses, tutorials, keynotes, sessions, workshops, networking events, and exhibitions. It covers topics such as test management, test automation, agile testing, performance testing, security testing, AI for QA, DevOps, and more. STARWEST 2023 will take place on October 1-6 in Anaheim.
  • **TestBash:** TestBash is a series of software testing conferences organized by the Ministry of Testing, a global community of testers. There are three TestBash events planned for 2023:
    • TestBash UK 2023: This is the largest in-person software testing conference in the UK, which will take place in Liverpool on September 20-21, 2023. The conference will feature talks, workshops, networking, activities, challenges, ask me anything sessions, games and more. The speakers and hosts include experts and practitioners from various domains and backgrounds. You can find more details and buy a ticket on their website1.
    • TestBash Autumn 2023: This is the second and last online software testing conference of the year, which will happen on November 22-23, 2023. The conference will cover a wide variety of testing topics on day one, and focus on the tools and automation side of testing on day two. The call for papers is open until July 31, 2023, so you can submit your abstracts if you are interested in speaking. You can also buy a ticket or join as a Pro Member to attend the conference2.
    • TestBash Spring 2023: This was the first online software testing conference of the year, which took place on March 23, 2023. The conference featured speakers from different countries and backgrounds, who shared their knowledge and experiences with the worldwide community. The topics included testing culture, accessibility, automation, security, performance, ethics and more. You can watch the recordings of the talks if you are a Pro Member or a ticket holder3.
  • **AgileTestingDays: **: is a 4-day conference (Onsite & Virtual) where 600+ international agile software testers and engineers gather to learn, share, and network. The conference provides a dynamic learning and networking experience with 120+ industry leaders presenting the latest topics in software testing, quality assurance, and agile methodologies. It will be held from Nov. 13 – 16, 2023 in Potsdam, Germany.
  • **VLCTESTING 2023:** VLCTESTING is the largest software testing festival in Spain. It is a two-day event that combines online and offline formats. It features presentations, workshops, networking activities, and entertainment. It covers topics such as agile testing, test automation, performance testing, security testing, AI for QA, DevOps, and more. VLCTESTING 2023 will take place on September 27-28 in Valencia . Amaris Consulting, a global leader in engineering services, will be one of the sponsors and participants of this event. Amaris Consulting offers solutions for system engineering, R&D, sustainable engineering , and smart manufacturing. Amaris Consulting has a Center of Excellence in QA in Valencia, where it provides innovative services in QA and Testing to global clients.

These are just some of the software testing conferences that you can attend in 2023. There are many more to choose from depending on your location, budget, availability, and preferences.

Software testing conferences are valuable opportunities for learning, networking, discovering, and growing as a software tester. Don’t miss them!

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