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Prüfung der Barrierefreiheit

The Software Testing Academy project aims at establishing the first-of-this-kind academy for everyone who wishes to develop his/her career in Software Testing. To this end, the partnership will develop 3 training pathways: agile testing, automation testing and accessibility testing. They were selected based on the current and emerging labor market needs.

The area on which we will focus within this training course is “Accessibility Testing”. The main objective for the students is to gain familiarity with the topic and the underlying mindset so they can be able to rely on their knowledge and take their first (advanced) steps in accessibility testing.

Make sure you use this ebook as your study companion!

By this training, we hope to help students grow in to their new role by obtaining new knowledge such as: 

  • knowledge about different disabilities and their limitations, 
  • regulations and standards related to accessibility
  • tools to help in testing accessibility
  • ways to reach people with disabilities
  • an outline of ways of advocacy 

Students should also acquire skills to obtain information from a variety of sources and how to reach out to people with disabilities and to members of their organisations and communities. 

This course emphasises need of systematic and undefended work and taking fulll responsibility for one’s results, critical attitude towards information obtained from different sources as well as openers toward needs of other people. 

Each section of the course will including the following elements: 

  • Quick info on topics, goals and outcomes of the section. 
  • Pretest – way to check the student’s knowledge before studying new topics. 
  • Materials – videos, infographics, audio recordings and articles.
  • Exercises – they will help students to engage to complete the section. 
  • Open questions‘ quiz – to let students understand what they know and what they do not. 
  • Posttest – a final test of the section


Kurs Kursleiter

Polish Coach Polish Coach Author
Spanish coach Spanish coach Author
German Coach German Coach Author
Portuguese Coach Portuguese Coach Author



Experiencing – Perceive

Experiencing – Understand

Experiencing – Use

Experiecing – Interact

Experiencing – Contribute

Perspective gaining – Perceive

Perspective gaining – Understand

Perspective  gaining – Use

Perspective gaining – Interact

Perspective gaining – Contribute

Advocating – Perceive

Advocating – Understand

Advocating – Use

Advocating – Interact

Advocating – Contribute


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